Issue 3, December 2006

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1: Conference For Fighting Unions (Reel News) 18:26

Organised by RESPECT, this conference brought together militants from all the major current campaigns. Includes footage from the firefighters’ strike earlier in the year.
2: Justice For Cleaners: Victory! (Reel News) 13:14
Cleaners in the T&GWU conduct a serious of noise protests, culminating in an audacious occupation of Merrill Lynch’s foyer in pursuit of a living wage.
3: Venezuela Today, The World Tomorrow (extract) (CWU & Gateshead UNISON) 5:16
An extract from a film made during a trade union delegation visit to Venezuela.
4: Save Adult Education (Reel News) 18:48
A brilliant conference organised by Lambeth UCU, UNISON and NUS, plus the fight to save one of the few schools for students with hearing difficulties in Redhill from closing.
5: Palestine: Bethlehem (extract) (Ed Hill) 14:54
This is not the image of Bethlehem that Israel wants you to see at Xmas or any other time, as Ed concentrates on the apartheid wall that splits the city in half.
6: Fluffy Smiff: A Christmas Poem (No Budget Films) 3:03
Fluffy looks at Xmas in her own inimitable way.
7: Bolivia: Justice For Goni Now! (Reel News) 10:20
2003: The war against the sell off of the gas supply – an uprising of a quarter of the population brings down the government. Now they want ex-president Goni brought to justice for the massacres he sanctioned.