Issue 8, July 2007

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1: Intro (Oscar Beard) 3:08

2: Saturday Demo (Reel News) 14:46
The protests against the G8 summit begin with a peaceful march – until the police attempt to provoke the protestors…
3: Saturday Demo 2 (Oscar Beard) 6:38
4: Agricultural demo (Reel News) 8:24
On Sunday, La Via Campesina takes centre stage – little known in Britain, but by far the largest social movement in the world.
5: 1992: The Nazi Pogrom (Spectacle films) 11:28
In 1992, neo-nazis descended on Rostock intent on burning down a guestworkers hostel with the workers still in it. An extract fro one of the most frightening documentaries ever made.
6: Lichtenhagen (Oscar Beard) 3:49
An attempt t gather to say “Neber Again” to the Nazi pogrom of 1992 is disrupted by an unforgivable abuse of police powers.
7: No Borders Demo (Reel News) 9:28
On Monday the police make a last desperate attempt to discredit the protests as they refuse to let the No Borders demo start. The attempt is doomed to failure…
8: Anti Military demo (Reel News) 3:28
9: Blockades 1 (Reel News) 14:09
Wednesday: As the G8 starts, so do the blockades – a breathtaking display of unity and organisation as thousands block every route to the summit.
10: Blockades 2 (Oscar Beard) 3:16
11: Thursday Blockades (Oscar Beard) 7:05
12: Shell Demo (Oscar Beard) 3:06
Protestors from Britain and Ireland lead a protest against Shell’s contamination of the drinking water in Ireland.
13: Greenpeace Actions (Greenpeace/Reel News) 5:00
While all the roads into the summit are blocked, Greenpeace attempt to block the way in by sea.
14: Rostock: Some Views (Reel News) 5:00
Activists reflect on the significance of Rostock.
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