Issue 29, Sept 2011

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1. Rebellion in Tottenham 2011 (Reel News) 26:23

The police murdered an innocent man, then let Tottenham burn. The real story, told by local people who were there.

2. Emory Douglas on Tottenham (Reel News) 7.11

The great revolutionary artist of the Black Panther Party in the 60s gives his thoughts on the police murder.

3. Tottenham – after the shooting (Indefilms) 9:59

Includes footage from the Saturday night and the vigil the day after.

4. Stokes Croft (South-Blessed) 5:18

Finally, footage of the rebellion in Bristola gainst a new Tescos store.

5. Despite the Sun (extract) (Spectacle films) 14:49

25 years on from the Wapping dispute, the story of Murdoch’s vicious battle against the print unions that changed the face of the British press.

6. June 30th (Reel News) 9:14

Four national unions take coordinated strike action over pensions.

7. Southampton Council Strike (Reel News) 13:57

Binmen and social workers strike together against a paycut as the dispute escalates.

8. Sparks of resistance (Reel News) 12:35

Huge electricians demos all over the country to build for strike action as 8 major building firms plan a 35% pay cut.

9. Oi Mush! Fuck Off (Cosmo) 4:06

Great song and video from Cosmo, originally released in 2009.