American Climate Rebels Episode 10: Just Transition in Richmond California

In 2018, Reel News went on a 14 week tour of North America to look at grassroots struggles around climate change, particularly struggles around a “just transition” from fossil fuels to renewable energy, where workers and communities control the process so that they benefit from the transition, and around “just recovery” – recovery from extreme weather events which do not exascerbate current inequalities.
What we found were inspiring and visionary struggles all over the continent, led by working class communities of colour, with people organising just transitions and just recoveries themselves. Now, you can see what we found in an 11 episode series.

Episode 10: Richmond, California. Oil giant Chevron has been in the city of Richmond for 100 years, and in that time it’s polluted the atmosphere, polluted the politics, denied local people work and caused serious health problems for the community. Over recent years the local community has risen up and replaced Chevron backed local politicians with community activists; now the “Our Power” coalition is forming a movement of movements to build a just transition framework, moving away from fossil fuels led by front line communities in a way that benefits them, not the corporations.