Issue 62, August 2019


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1 Detroit’s Water War (30:23)

250,000 people have had their water cut off in a brutal gentrification strategy, part of a drive to buy up the world’s fresh water reserves – but the people are fighting back.

2 Detroit – short version (4:38)

3 Youth Strike 4 Climate: May (5:26)

School students strikers call on workers to strike with them on September 20th.

4 Los Angeles: City of Injustice (28:52)

Four shocking stories from LA of fighting injustice, pollution, environmental damage and police oppression.

5 Los Angeles – short version (4:44)

6 Orgreave: 35th Anniversary Rally (9:43)

Biggest annual march and rally so far demands justice for the infamous police riot.

7 PUSH Buffalo – People United for Sustainable Housing (22:31)

Innovative housing campaigns combating gentrification and climate change.

8 Buffalo – short version (4:19)

9 AxeDrax! Protest at Drax AGM (5:43)

Huge protest over plans to build the largest gas power station in the UK.

10) American pipelines protests (4:17)

Standing Rock and the current battles to stop new pipelines (full films in Reel News 59).

11 John Roan strikers pay the DFE a visit (6:14)

Striking teachers and angry parents fight forced academisation.


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