Blacklisting Scandal at Manchester Airport

Construction workers are picketing Manchester airport over the disgraceful treatment that 70 sparks and fitters have received from JCK Limited on the T2 Transformation Project.

After the site was closed over safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, JCK laid everyone off with no pay whatsoever – and SACKED a worker who expressed concern over the conditions that led to the site closure.

Other workers have been sacked for refusing overtime, and for asking what safeguards were in place when the site reopened.

The most shocking aspect of this sorry episode is that ten Greater Manchester councils – all Labour councils in a city with a Labour mayor – own 65% of Manchester Airport Group (MAG), but only three have expressed any concern at all, let alone done anything about it. So if you live in the area, please write to your local councils and MPs.

Meanwhile, construction workers will continue taking action until this is sorted out.