NG Baileys Head office and building site occupied over deskilling

Running Time: 4 mins 29 secs

Round One to the sparks – after the first week of protests, client EDF have already been forced to call a halt to 7 week training courses at Hinkley Point C, designed to deskill the entire profession.

Now attention turns to contractors Balfour Beatty and NG Baileys, who are determined to continue with these attacks …

This Wednesday, NG Bailey’s head office and their Crossrail building site at Farringdon were both occupied as rank and file sparks intensified their campaign of direct action against deskilling.

Plans at Hinkley Point C to deskill electricians and replace with them unskilled workers are already wobbling in the face of the campaign – fully supported by UNITE general secretary Len McCluskey. The client, EDF, put the new 7 week training courses for “Electrical Support Operatives (ESOs) on hold after just one day of protest – but everyone knows that contractors Balfour Beatty and NG Baileys want to press ahead.

Disruption and chaos is planned every Wednesday – hitting all their major projects until the notorious blacklisting companies see sense and withdraw this outrageous attack on a highly skilled profession.