NHS workers protest all over the country for a proper pay rise

Running Time: 8mins 55secs

Healthworkers held protests all over the country on April 1 – the day they should have been awarded a pay rise. Instead, negotiations are being dragged out over the summer.

The government is still offering an insulting 1% to workers who have had the value of their pay CUT in real terms by 20% over the past 10 years – and now have had to endure an awful year dealing with the pandemic, with many tragically dying and huge numbers sufffering from PTSD as they looked after the rest of us.

The money the government has wasted on a failed track and trace system alone would pay the 15% pay rise the healthworkers are demanding for 25 years. Without decent pay, the desperate shortages of staff will increase, putting the entire NHS in jeopardy and seriously impacting patient care.

Healthworkers have had enough. 15% – or they strike, as it says on one of the mysterious projections onto St Thomas’s hospital at the end of this video …