BT strike: CEO gets 32% pay rise, workers get food banks

Running Time: 3 mins 32 secs

The BT strike entered its fifth day with 999 call handlers joining the action for a decent pay rise. BT have responded to the real difficulties they’re having on low wages by putting FOOD BANKS in the call centres – while the CEO awards himself a 32% pay rise and pays out £700 million to share holders.

BT are also lying when they say the pay rise (imposed, not negotiated) is 8% – only one person has actually got 8%, while for most it’s 3-4%. With inflation running at double figures and set to rise further, this is effectively a pay cut. This is typical of many disputes taking off at the moment – key workers who risked their health to keep the country running during the pandemic are getting shafted while their greedy bosses are coining it in.

Well, enough is enough – as they say in the video, it’s time for a national strike with everyone striking together. Next strikes are on Thursday October 20th and Monday October 24th – visiting the picket lines gives the workers a real lift. Pickets start at 7am and you can find a full list of locations here.