#meTU fringe meeting at TUC Women’s Conference 2023

Running Time: 35 mins 31 secs

Video of speaker contributions at a packed out #meTU fringe meeting, TUC Women’s conference, March 9 2023.

Speakers: Claire Laycock, #meTU survivor/former GMB and TSSA organiser; Sarah Woolley, #meTU/General Secretary, BFAWU; Zelda Perkins, former Harvey Weinstein employee/co-founder, “Can’t Buy My Silence” campaign; Tracy Edwards, #meTU/President, Union Workers Union. Chair: Fliss Premru, #meTU/TSSA.

There is widespread structured sexism, sexual harassment and bullying in the trade union movement. Helena Kennedy KC’s honest and robust report into the TSSA union is damning. For years many women were left dealing with incredible harm and had lies told about them when they dared to speak out. Now the question must be asked how serious the movement is about getting its house in order.

To contact #meTU, email meTUwomen@gmail.com