London: Biggest Jewish-led rally yet calls for ceasefire in Palestine

Running Time: 9 mins 42 secs

In their biggest mobilisation yet, Na’amod, a movement of British Jews against occupation, organised a powerful and emotional Jewish-led rally of 800 people calling for a ceasefire.

They gathered to demand, as they have on numerous occasions over the past six weeks, an immediate ceasefire, a hostage exchange and an end to the siege on Gaza.

The group is growing louder and stronger as they continue to make their voices heard. And by showing up, they made a statement that there are Jews standing together against antisemitism, Islamophobia and the brazen attempts to divide minority communities.

Na’amod are playing a central and vitally important role in the movement that’s exploded onto the streets of London over the past six weeks – but the amount of organising they’ve done in that time means their funds are now dwindling. Please consider making a donation to help them continue their brilliant work by going to… and to get involved, go to