Healthworkers for a Free Palestine shut down Palantir – Israel’s spy firm

Running Time: 8 mins 54 secs

Over 200 healthworkers and supporters with Healthworkers for a Free Palestine shut down the HQ of US tech firm Palantir for the day – a firm complicit in oppression, military occupation and state surveillance across the world, including Israel’s genocide in Palestine.

Palantir, run by the far-right billionaire Peter Thiel, have just been awarded a £330 million contract with the NHS to roll out data systems software – which raises serious questions about what will happen to people’s private medical data.

The company is already involved in the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office and border forces – and when a recent Home Office request for patient records for migrant patients was refused, suddenly this contract was awarded to Palantir.

The mass picket came on the second day of the current junior doctors’ strike, making the point that the struggle for Palestine and the struggle for the NHS is one struggle. And with more actions like this, maybe we can win both of them.

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