Conflation – a new film from Jonathan Cronin and Max Hochrad

Running Time: 17 min 30 sec

We’re very pleased to be able to host an excellent new film from Jonathan Cronin and Max Hochrad, “Conflation”. Please take a look and share as widely as possible; the opinions and ideas covered here get far too little exposure.

Here’s what the film makers say about the film:

Since the formation of the State of Israel, many British Jews grew up believing that Israel was a sanctuary to be defended at all costs, and it was the only place we could ever be safe if our home country turned on us.

“Anyone who questioned this philosophy was told they were playing into the hands of anti-Semites and making the world more dangerous for Jews. However, conflict between Israel and the Palestinians never stopped and prospects for peace seem worse than ever.

“This has led some in the British Jewish community to challenge the idea of blindly supporting Israel, even feeling a lack of connection with the state.

“We’ve found it fascinating to see how much mainstream British culture has connected Israel to Jewish identity, and how this has led to many assumptions about British Jews. It’s this conflation of cultural identity with a foreign nation that has us intrigued and often frustrated.

“In addition, we believe Israel has inadvertently promoted this fusion of identity and nationalism: criticism of Jews hidden behind criticism of Israel, in tandem with the dismissal of discussion of Israeli policy as antisemitic.”