Reel News relies on subscriptions to keep going – and by taking out a subscription and supporting us, you get access to our Vimeo channel, where you’ll have access to all Reel News videos made since 2015, as well as new videos as soon as they are produced. These are high quality downloads that you can both watch and download, and are perfect for screenings too. You can also receive the films straight to your door as a DVD compilation (around 4 to 5 compilations a year) free of postage and packaging – but bear in mind the downloads are better quality, and obviously with downloads you’ll always receive videos straight away.

You can take out a subscription for as little as £3 a month. The basic plan covers production costs. It does not cover the costs of producing the films and other expenses. If you can afford it, please choose one of the supporter plans if you are using PayPal. We have no corporate or mainstream funding and rely entirely on your contributions.

Let us know if you want the DVDs

A number of trade union branches have already taken out subscriptions, so if you find the videos we’re producing useful, please put a motion through your branch or campaign group to subscribe. All subscriptions come with a free screening license. If you would like us to come and present our films at an event, please get in touch. You can subscribe via Paypal or debit/credit card below, or send a cheque payable to Reel News – email us at for details of where to send cheques to.


Similarly, if you can afford to make a one off donation that will be gratefully received too. We need cash to buy and repair equipment, to pay travel and accomodation costs and screening costs, to buy materials and to pay our day to day living expenses.


If you would like to order individual DVDs, please check out our DVD shop.