Undercover Policing


Film length: 44:02 This film is an account of the system of blacklisting operated by the UK construction industry. It describes how the industry operated a secret blacklist to prevent workers who would make an […]


Blacklisted: the book – Official Trailer

Film length: 3:11 The long awaited book by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain, “Blacklisted: the secret war between big business and union activists” is finally published in March by New Internationalist. The official book launch […]


Biomass: Emergency

Film length: 24:42 It’s as dangerous as fracking – it’ll mean deaths in the almost exclusively working class areas where it’s happening – it produces up to 50% more carbon emissions than coal – it’s […]


Fracking – The Truth

Film length: 26:46 This shocking evidence from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Lancashire shows that the government and the oil & gas industry are lying about fracking. It DOES produce earthquakes, poison the water supply, […]


Blacklisting 2013 – The Workers Strike Back

Film length: 22:28 Huge strides for the campaign against the illegal blacklistng of trade unionists over the past 18 months; the sparks victory in the BESNA dispute, the Scottish affairs select committee report, the high […]


CRISIS — Don’t Believe The Lies!

Film Length: 22:22 We try to explain the Greek crisis, how it relates to the rest of Europe and who is actually being bailed out. Features clips from the documentary Debtocracy, and an interview with […]


Blacklisted 2012 ***NEW UPDATED VERSION***

Film Length: 21:25 Reel News and Blacklist Support Group present: Blacklisted 2012 Multinational construction companies have been illegally blacklisting trade unionists in the UK building industry for years using the Consulting Association blacklist – the […]

COP Mobilisations

Privatise The Air! Copenhagen 2009

***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS David Harvie and Tadzio Mueller from Turbulence, Oscar Reyes from Carbon Trade Watch, Naomi Klein and Vandana Shiva explain how the Copenhagen summit was all about exploiting the […]