Builder’s Crack – The Movie

For many years, the infamous “Builders Crack: The Movieā€ was assumed lost forever .. but recently the master was found. Now a new generation of trade unionists can enjoy the story of rank and file […]


How West Virginia teachers started a revolt

Film length: 13:44 As teachers in more and more republican states in the USA take unofficial strike action to defend education, West Virginia teachers explain how they started the movement, and how they organised strikes […]


Direct action wins the day as spectacular & immediate victory humiliates bullying construction bosses at Canary Wharf. 27-7-15

On Monday REEL NEWS attended an inspiring action by supporters of the Blacklist Support Group at the site of Morgan Stanley in the heart of the Canary Wharf financial district. Though in modest numbers the […]

Postal Workers

Postal Workers Dispute – Reject the Deal Film Length: 21:09 After a magnificent campaign of strike action in 2007 in open defiance of the anti-trade union laws to stop huge cuts in wages and conditions, the postal workers were sold a […]