Issue 11, November 2007

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1: Postal Workers’ Strike – Reject The Deal! (Reel News) 21:10

After a magnificent campaign of strike action in open defiance of the anti-trade union laws to stop huge cuts in wages and conditions, the postal workers were sold a deal by the CWU leadership which fell far short of what they deserved.
2: Troops Out Now (Oscar Beard) 9:57
The police tries to ban the Stop the War march on Parliament.
3: The Oil Bank of Scotland (Oscar Beard) 5:06
Climate Change protestors put pressure on the Royal Bank of Scotland to change their huge investments in the oil and gas industries to something more positive.
4: Construction Safety Campaign: Wembley Stadium (Reel News/Oscar Beard) 9:44
More people die in the workplace than in wars, and in the UK 80% of those deaths are in the construction industry. Here we commemorate the brave fight by Patrick O’Sullivan’s family to have a plaque in his memory put up at Wembley Stadium, where he died in 2004.
5: United Friends and Families March (Reel News/Oscar Beard) 7:44
Every year more people die in police custody, and still no cops have ever been prosecuted. But the families seeking justice will not be silenced.
6: Argentina: Hotel Bauen (Grupo Alavio) 21:00
Hotel Bauen is a 4 star hotel in the centre of Buenos Aires, run collectively by its workers and at the centre of the growing occupied workplaces movement.
7: Reel News Live: David Rovics (Oscar Beard) 6:40
The brilliant political songwriter from America, live in London.
8: Return to Palestine (extract) (Ed Hill) 12:24
Extract from a film of a visit to Palestine by the twinning movement in Bristol to help pick olives, and an insight into day to day life under intolerable conditions.