Issue 59, October 2018

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1 Trump demo (5:08)

The largest demo ever on a work day, featuring the Trump angry baby blimp.


2 Cooperation Jackson: Building a Social & Solidarity Economy (32:06)

In Mississippi, Cooperation Jackson are moving to a zero waste, zero carbon economy through a visionary plan based on people’s assemblies.


3 Cooperation Jackson: short version (4:23)


4 Our Power! Just Transition in Richmond (24:52)

A “movement of movements” making gains in a California city dominated by oil giant Chevron.


5 Our Power! Short version (3:45)


6 Kentucky: Miners fighting for renewable energy (18:18)

Coal miners from one of the centres of historic militancy of the U.S. trade union movement organising to end coal and move to renewable energy.


7 Kentucky Short version (3:39)


8 Minnesota: Stop the A3 Pipeline (19:43)

First Nations activists explain the battle to stop the pipeline, and the significance of Standing Rock.


9 Louisiana: Stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline (14:47)

Another campaign led by First Nations activists against a pipeline that will only create 12 jobs.


10 The 1st Ecosocialist International (12:22)

Started in Veneuzela and now spreading to the USA: what it is and why you should join.

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