Punto FInal/Due Obedience: Help us complete this document of the struggle against the final years of Franco’s fascist dictatorship in Spain


“Punto Final” (“Due Obedience”) is an initiative of Heliópolis Producciones and Reel News, with the objective of documenting the political struggle carried out against the Franco dictatorship during the period of the transition to democracy, in the years 1969 to 1982.
This project is based on recordings of testimonies of resistance and repression of those who belonged to trade unions, student and community movements, with special emphasis on those who suffered persecution, prison, exile, torture or death during this period.
The project has been divided into five trips, which cover most of the geographical areas of Spain. So far, we have completed the edition of the first two chapters dedicated to the areas of a) Madrid, and b) The Basque Country. The remaining three chapters, filmed in: c) Northwest: Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria d) Catalunya, Aragon and País Valenciá; e) Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha, are in postproduction phase.
Our commitment is to complete this series of five chapters, as a compilation of the testimonies of people, relatives, friends … of those who made possible democracy in Spain. Their words are absolutely necessary to re-write the recent history of our country, help to contribute to a democratic education and values, and to show the new generations historical facts which have regretfully been misrepresented and silenced. Many of them have never spoken on film before.
In order to do this we need to raise £5,000 to:
. Pay for editing time to complete the remaining chapters
. Pay for translation time to add English subtitles on all chapters
. Pay back a £2,000 loan which enabled us to finish the filming
Any help you, your trade union branch, international committee or organisation can give will be greatly appreciated. No pasaran!


WATCH COMPLETED CHAPTERS: CLICK ON  THE IMAGES Until we manage to put on English subtitles, do the following – 1) Click on settings (gear wheel icon at bottom of video) 2) Click on Subtitles/CC from the dropdown menu 3) Click on Auto translate, and choose English 4) Click on Subtitles/closed captions (icon to the left of the gearwheel) to turn on subtitles

Duration: 60 minutes

1.- Introduction. “The Argentinian Complaint” against Francoism crimes.
Carlos Slepoy, Chato Galante.

2.- “The Commune”: Asociation for Victims of Francoism Reprisal.
Luis Ronceros and Chato Galante.

3.- The Death of Enrique Ruano.
Lola González and Margot Ruano.

4.- Prisons of Women.
Pilar Arias, Lidia Falcón and Lola Ferreira.

5.- The Community Movement
Julián Rebollo.



Duration: 51 minutes


1.- September 1975.
Pablo Mayoral and Manuel Blanco Chivite

2.- The Death of Carlos González.
Marién Blanco.

3.- The Death of Angel Almazán.
Javier Almazán, Teodoro Mota and Saturnino Moya.

4.- The Death of Arturo Ruiz.
Manuel Ruiz, Miguel Angel Ruiz and Fernando de la Heras.



Duration: 51 minutos


1.-The Crime of Atocha.
Lola González and Margot Ruano.

2.- The Death of Andrés García.
Javier García and Manuel Hita.

3.- The Death of Yolanda González.
Mar Noguerol, Alex Arizcun, Enrique del Olmo and Luis de Andrés

4.- Interview with Paul Preston.
Paul Preston


Duración: 01:12 minutes


1.- Stories of Errentería.
Txomin Goñi, Peio Mindegía and José Iriarte.

2.- The Death of Joseba Barandiarán.
Iñaki and José Miguel Barandiarán, and Iñaki Alejos.

3.- Stories of Ondárroa.
Andoni Arrizabalaga´ brothers and sisters, Imanol Oruemazaga, Joseba Basterretxea and Angel Etxaniz´family and friends.



Duración: 55 minutes


1.- Stories of the Left Bank.
Pedro Santisteban, Antxón Karrera and Alfredo Izquierdo.

2.- The Attack to Aldana Pub.
Rober Aretxabala.

3.- The Death of Víctor Manuel Pérez Elexpe.
Mariefi, Mª José and Fermín Pérez Elexpe, and friends.



Duración: 56 minutos


1.- Vitoria: March 3rd of 1976.
Andoni Itxasco, Félix Plácer, Imanol Olabarría, Evangélica Barroso and José Luis Martínez

2.- The Death in Pamplona. The cases of José L. Cano y Germán Rodríguez.
Carlos Ochoa, Miren Egaña, Ramón Contreras and Xosu Chueca

3.- The Death of Jesús Mª García Ripalda.
Cristina García Ripalda and friends.