Issue 24, July 2010

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1: Gaza Flotilla Attack (Reel News/Palestine Solidarity Campaign) 29:42

Eyewitness testimonies and film from the Mavi Marmara tell the real story of Israel’s murderous attack on the Gaza aid flotilla.
2. Blacklisted (Reel News) 16:00
The construction industry blacklists thousands of workers for their trade union activities, who then can’t get a job. It’s time this criminal practice was stopped.
3: UCU strike in London (Reel News) 10:00
On the eve of the election, CONEL lecturers strike to defend jobs and courses along with 13 other colleges in London.
4: Bolivia 2006: Start of the process (Reel News, 2006) 35:00
Bolivian social movements talk about their incredible struggles of the previous decade, and their thoughts on the new president, Evo Morales.
5: Decommissioners: Victory! (Schmovies) 11:00
Remember the people who caused £250,00 worth of damage to the EDO bomb component factory last year during the attack on Gaza? They’ve just walked free!