Issue 25, October 2010

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1: Detroit: Rising from the ashes (Reel News) 32:30

Capitalism abandoned Detroit years ago, leaving it derelict and overgrown. Now, communities are being rebuilt through growing their own food in 1,300 urban gardens.
2: Detroit: Art explosion (Reel News) 17:48
Alongside the food growing is the start of an incredible explosion of art – much of it political.
3: Movement for Justice in El Barrio: Fighting Gentrification (Reel News) 16:50
Inspired by the Zapatistas and adherents to The Other Campaign, MJB are successfully resisting gentrification in New York.
4: Gulf: Trailer (Jason M. Parkinson) 13:31
A taster of the forthcoming film that will tell the truth behind the Gulf oil spill.
5: Save Our Schools (Jason M. Parkinson) 13:31
The Tories are threatening to turn every school into an academy. Made with the Anti-Academies Alliance.
6: RMT/TSSA strike (Reel News) 10:00
Historic joint action from the transport unions to stop 800 tube station staff cuts, with all the safety dangers that will come with them.
7: John Sinclair and friends: Live in Detroit (Reel News) 9:21
The Detroit legend performs at the Jazz Loft with The Milton Show – an incredible array of musicians.