Issue 26, January 2011


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Tory Scum Here We Come! – Short version (Reel News) 13:36

The rise of the incredible student movement, in a short version for trade union and other meetings.

2. Tory Scum Here We Come! – Full version (Reel News) 66:03
Part 1: Day X1 8:49
The first national day of action against tuition fees and loss of EMA results in an 11 hour kettle.
Part 2: Occupations1 5:19
College occupations spread throughout the country, including in London: SOAS, UCL, UEL and Kings.
Part 3: Day X2 11:50
Thousands of students outwit police as the kettle tactic fails miserably.
Part 4: Occupations2 5:14
LSE and Slade join the growing occupation movement.
Part 5: Topshop Protest 3:29
Direct action against Topshop, who owe £1.2 billion of the £120 billion unpaid corporation tax.
Part 6: London Metropolitan Occupation 15:52
The most militant occupation so far…
Part 7: Day X3 10:39
Over 30,000 students lay siege to Parliament in an astonishing day of direct action.
Part 8: School Students speak out 4:50
14 year old schoolgirl, assaulted by police on day X3, speaks out.
3: Ireland: Trade Union March (Trade Union TV) 5:46
The Irish Congress of Trade Unions protest against austerity in November.
4: Ireland: Police Attack Student Demo (Trade Union TV) 5:11
Also in November – different country, same story!
5: London Firefighters Strike (Reel News) 14:17
Mass pickets leave the bosses’ strikebreaking tactics in tatters.