The 1st Ecosocialist International: What it is and Why you should join

Film length: 12:23 The 1st Ecosocialist International is an initiative that started in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and is now spreading to North America. In Chavez’s last 5 year plan there was a goal to save the planet using an “ecosocialist production model”; activists inspired by this vision from around the world then used this initiative to call for the 1st Ecosocialist International.  The 1st Ecosocialist International Convergence was held in Venezuela in November 2017, where a combined strategy and plan of action was developed. Cooperation Jackson, from Jackson Mississippi, was one of many organizations from around the world to participate in this convergence, based on their promotion and practice of regenerative ecosocialist models of production, distribution, consumption, and recycling that ground their notion of Just Transition and Ecological Regeneration. Cooperation Jackson hosted a convergence of North American ecosocialist activists in April to help build an ecosocialist international on the continent. This video explains why this development is so important – and why people from other continents should be getting involved too.