Issue 1, October 2006

Planet in Peril

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1:Time To Go! Troops Out of Iraq (Reel News) 8:26

The Stop The War demonstration outside the Labour Party Conference in Manchester in September 2006.

2: Lebanon: August 2006 (Reel News/Guy Smallman) 17:09
Guy Smallman’s photo report of Israel’s destruction of Lebanon, and the inspiring defiance shown by the Lebanese people.
3: Fun-Da-Mental: Fighting the Censors (Reel News/Fun-Da-Mental) 15:00
Fun-Da-Mental’s brilliant new album, “All Is War” has been met with a level of censorship arguably not seen since the Sex Pistols. We give main man Aki a chance to speak out, and present the tracks no-one else will play.
4: Aram’s Story – No Safe Haven (The Independent Media Society) 10:20
Aram fled Iraq after refusing to be used as a suicide bomber. Incredibly, the UK government want to send him back. This is his story.
5: Warming Up For Climate Change (Reel News/Indymedia) 19:34
The case for taking urgent action on climate change now. George Monbiot, Tony Kearns (CWU) and other speak at a Campaign against Climate Change meeting – PLUS the first ever climate camp at Drax power station.
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