Issue 2, November 2006


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1: Argentina – Zanon: A Victory For Workers’ Control (Reel News)

The Zanon ceramics factory in Neuquen, leading workplace in the recovered factories movement, has been under workers control since 2001. This is their incredible story.
2: Bolivia – Miners Fight For Their Lives (Reel News)
More workers control in Latin America, this time a tin mine and an airport in Bolivia.
3: Battle To Save The NHS (Reel News)
NHS Logistics workers strike to try and stop TNT taking over the service, while 10,000 march in Epsom against their local hospital closing.
4: Workington – Getting Agency Staff Unionised (Reel News)
Addecco agency workers in the PCS achieved an historic first in their ballot for union recognition – 100% turnout, 100% yes vote. This shows how they did it.
5: Cable St – 70 years of Fighting Fascism (Reel News)
Veterans of the great battle in the East End which spelt the end of Mosely’s British Union of Fascists gather to commemorate one of our class’s key victories.
6: Fluffy Smiff – Political Performance Poetry (No Budget Films)
Fluffy’s thoughts on the police.
7: No Sweat – The Case For Solidarity (Reel News/No Sweat)
A look at the work of the anti-sweat shop group which includes incredible footage of all the key anti-capitalist struggles across the world.
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