Issue 22, February 2010

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Copenhagen: System Change not Climate Change! (Reel News) 80:00

Part 1: Carbon Trading: Privatise the air! 17:57
As the movements gather in Copenhagen, the talks are exposed as another attempt to save global capitalism.
Part 2: 100,000 march in Copenhagen 16:48
The biggest march for climate justice ever, plus an introduction to the mass movements of the Global South.
Part 3: Agribusiness and food sovereignty 12:32
La Via Campesina show how switching from agribusiness to organic farming would cut 40% of global emissions overnight.
Part 4: Oil: Shut down the tar sands! 14:42
This horrific project in Canada will take us all over the tipping points on its own if we don’t stop it.
Part 5: Wind: Vestas protest 4:27
Vestas workers invade the Danish company’s cocktail party.
Part 6: Reclaim Power! 13:34
Direct action inside and outside the summit culminate in a People’s Assembly, and the real solutions to climate change.
Fujitsu strike (Reel News) 15:46
The first ever national IT strike in British history over jobs, pay and pensions.
EDL in Stoke (Indefilms) 4:40
Not a pretty sight, and some very offensive language – the English Defence League show their true colours.