Issue 54, Aug 2017

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1 Carlisle NHS Campaign (16:44)

Huge demo in Carlisle from all over Cumbria.

2 Deliveroo: Living Wage Now! (15:15)

Huge flashmob by riders in Brighton.

3 Chorley NHS Campaign (11:07)

The only campaign to reverse an A&E closure.

4 Reinstate Frank Morris (5:54)

Frank wins his job back after being blacklisted again.

5 Huddersfield NHS Campaign (9:53)

Huge demo highlights the £22 billion cuts to the NHS.

6 Gravesham Imposes 7 day working (2:18)

Protest over changes to terms and conditions.

7 Sandwich: Pay The Rate (4:34)

Another employer trying to undercut national rates.

8 Grimsby NHS Campaign (8:01)

The biggest demo of any sort in Grimsby for decades.

9 Lambeth Libraries demo (8:54)

Fight continues to stop library closures.

10 Lincolnshire NHS (17:29)

Bikers deliver biscuits to A&E staff across the county.

11 Forest Hill School strike (4:25)

Strike to stop teacher redundancies.

12 Trade Unionists for Corbyn (8:07)

Musical protest in the steps of Tory party HQ.

13 London Bridge Strike (3:27)

3 RMT members sacked for defending themselves from assault.

14 Pensioners Parliament (10:04)

Pensioners set out their manifesto for change.

15 Romania Uprising (5:12)

The largest demo in Romania’s history against corruption.

16 LSE Strike (6:07)

Huge victory as cleaners are brought back in-house.

TOTAL 137.31