Catalan Referendum: “Hem Votat!”

Film length: 13:41

Here’s the full story of the referendum on October 1. An incredibly tense day, but ultimately an incredibly empowering day that will live in our memories forever. WARNING: there are scenes of violence from the police in this video, but compare that with the impressive scenes of grassroots organisation that made sure the vote happened, the scenes of love and solidarity, and the bravery of the people who still came to vote despite knowing about the attacks on polling stations. In the words of Xavi from the CUP: “In the CUP we are a socialist and feminist movement based on assemblies, and we’re going to try and put that idea at the forefront of this movement.” Increasingly, that’s what happening; mass assemblies will be taking place all over Barcelona this weekend to decide what to do next, as Spanish and European capitalism unites to try and stop a declaration of independence. In the meantime, please share this video so everyone can see what really happened. In the coming weeks we will need to support the Catalan people with serious international solidarity.