Issue 61, April 2019

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1 Alberta: The End of Dirty Oil (24:16)

Oil sands workers call for a just transition to renewable energy jobs as thousands are sacked due to falling oil prices.

2 Alberta 4min version (4:22)

3 Youth Strike 4 Climate (7:08)

Fantastic mobilisation in London runs the police ragged.

4 Honda factory demo (4:42)

Huge march to stop 18,000 jobs going as Honda plan to produce electric cars outside Europe.

5 New York: Towards a zero carbon, zero waste city (22:04)

Huge strides being made in NYC, led Puerto Rican young working class women.

6 New York 4 min version (4:08)

7 Alberta: Pesticides (4:21)

Fightback against the dangerous increase in pesticide use in Canada.

8 Crawley Council: Sick Pay now!

Strike looms over social repairs workers not getting sick pay.

9 Hurricane Harvey: Just Recovery in Texas (30:03)

Ignored by the state, communities of colour organise to recover from the hurricane.

10 Texas 4min version (4:22)

 11 Voices From Both Sides (10:05)

Brillliant music festival that opens the US Mexico border through civil disobedience.

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