Unions speak out to defend NEU Rep Kirstie Paton who faces dismissal

Running Time: 11mins

United Learning Trust (ULT) are trying to sack one of their NEU reps, Kirstie Paton – for pointing out (in a Facebook post!) that using lateral flow tests as an alternative to self-isolation was highly dangerous and would lead to deaths.

Kirstie’s stance has been proved to be right by reputable scientists, and even the DfE were forced to drop the policy in January when it was clear it wasn’t safe – but rather than thank Kirstie for doing the research and working with her to ensure a safe environment, they have decided to go for disciplinary action.

The breadth of support – both across the country and internationally – can be seen in this online rally, and now ULT face the prospect of their highly irresponsible attitude towards their staff, pupils and local community being in the spotlight. Sign and share the petition in support of her: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/d…‚Äč

Write to the management at her school and demand they stop victimising Kirstie for trade union activity: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/def…