Palestine: Fossil Free London blockade BP HQ for profiting from genocide

Running Time: 1 min 52 secs

Fossil Free London shut down BP’s headquarters in London today – for profitting from Israel’s genocide in Gaza. In the last few weeks, amidst genocide, Israel has given out 12 gas exploration licences off the coast of Gaza to 6 companies, including BP plc.

Not only have BP received this licence, they’re also on track to acquire 50% of Delek Group-owned NewMed, who have also been granted a licence. In addition – Infosys, in May, signed a £1.5billion deal with BP. Rishi Sunak’s wife has major shares in Infosys.

Israel, BP, Sunak, all ripping profit from the genocide of Palestine and exploitation of the people and land – and this is on top of Israel’s continuing role in the Middle East in protecting Western capitalism’s oil interests in the region.

The lesson is clear: if we are to move away from fossil fuels to renewables in a global just transition that benefits workers and communities, a Free Palestine is absolutely essential. And if the rapidly increasing global movement for a Free Palestine manages to stop Israel’s horrific genocide, we coud be looking at a movement powerful enough to change everything that’s wrong in this world.

To find out more, and to join the campaign to stop gas exploration off the coast of Gaza, go to