The Legacy of the Black Panthers Film Length: 20:49 Spawned by the U.S. civil rights movement of the 60s, the Black Panther Party have been constantly misrepresented. Here ex-members speak for themselves about the work of this great revolutionary party […]


Climate Camp – Kingsnorth ***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS 15 *** Arguments and direct action against new coal fired power stations, a bigger trade union presence at the camp and the growing campaign for green jobs […]


Save Our Schools! ***FULL RESOLUTION VERSION AVAILABLE ON REEL NEWS 13 *** City academies mean privatisation of education. Leading campaigners expose the true agenda, with action from the campaigns in Stoke and Pimlico and news from the […]

Postal Workers

Postal Workers Dispute – Reject the Deal Film Length: 21:09 After a magnificent campaign of strike action in 2007 in open defiance of the anti-trade union laws to stop huge cuts in wages and conditions, the postal workers were sold a […]

Art & Culture

Conflict: “No Power” videos

T Film Length: 7:15 Two videos of tracks from Conflict’s “No Power Without Control” album, made by Conflict with Reel News – the title track, and “I’m Starving”.