Orgreave Special: Now out on DVD! – featuring major new film, “Miners’ Strike Stories”

Reel News are proud to announce that this special compilation devoted to the brilliant Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign is now available on DVD as well as download.

Featuring a major new film – “Miners’ Strike Stories” on the Great Strike, plus previous OT&JC films – collected together for the first time. DVDs start at £11 (including postage and packaging).

If you prefer a download, they start at £5 – but if you can afford it please pay the solidarity price of £10.

Every single penny goes to the Campaign to help them keep going throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Choose your preferred option below:


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Full listing of films:

1) Miners’ Strike Stories (1:05:02)

Brand new feature length film from the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign. Stories from the Great Strike of March 1984 – March 1985 – not just to preserve our history but to give inspiration to a new generation of trade union activists.

2) Davey Hopper speaking on the eve of the Durham Miners Gala, 2016 (9:03)

Universally respected and sorely missed, the late Davey Hopper (1945 – 2016; Durham Miners Association General secretary 1985 – 2016) talks about the legacy of the miners, the importance of a socialist tradition, the Great Strike and the continuing importance of the Durham Miners Gala ahead of the Gala for 2016.

3) Make Some Noise for Orgreave Justice (11:04)

In possibly the LOUDEST demo ever held outside the Home Office, the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign protests against the outrageous decision not to hold a public inquiry into the infamous police riot during the miners strike of 1984-85. Amongst those joining them on the protest are the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, the Shrewsbury Pickets Campaign, the Blacklist Support Group and JENGbA.

4) Orgreave: Death of Justice Halloween March, 2017 (9:03)

On the anniversary of Amber Rudd’s decision not to grant a public enquiry into Orgreave, hundreds of campaigners turn into ghouls, monsters and ghosts on Halloween in a Death of Justice march through the centre of Sheffield, joined by striking jobcentre workers and fracking campaigners to demand the decision is overturned. See what you can do at the end of the video.

5) Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign Rally 2018 (7:58)

The campaign for a full public inquiry into the police riot at Orgreave during the Great Miners Strike is going from strength to strength. Hundreds marched in Sheffield a week after the news that there will be an independent review into policing of the strike in Scotland. With both the Scottish and Welsh assemblies, many police and crime commissioners and local councils, and the police constable of South Yorkshire now calling for an enquiry, pressure is growing on the Tory party responsible for the illegal actions of the police in the first place.

6) Orgreave: 35th Anniversary Rally 2019 (9:43)

5 years since the police riot at Orgreave during the Great Miners Strike – and still no justice. In the biggest annual march and rally so far, the campaign to get a full public enquiry is not going away – an enquiry that would show the Tories orchestrated the horrific violence against the miners for their own political ends.

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