Glasgow: Construction Rank & File demand “substantial pay rise”

Running Time: 6 mins 52 secs

The Construction rank & file visit Multiplex’s JP Morgan site in Glasgow – one of the biggest sites in the central belt – to raise awareness of the upcoming 2023 pay negotiations, and the demand for a substantial pay rise.

FES are the biggest employer on the site, employing well over 100 electricians – but shockingly, agency workers are getting £6 more than SJIB electricians doing exactly the same job. Even worse, electrician’s mates who are agency workers are only getting 14p an hour less than SJIB electricians. So direct employment is being actively discouraged.

UNITE Scotland have done nothing to organise the site, despite their head office only being 400m away AND having a recognition agreement – and even more disgracefully, they have allowed managers to be unelected stooge reps on site. As the rank and file say, UNITE should be ashamed of themselves.

However the workers gave the rank and file a great reception and the chance of getting organised to get proper wages and conditions look very high.

If you want to get involved, come to the next Glasgow construction branch meeting on the last Saturday of every month: 10:30am – Midday, UNITE offices Glasgow, 145 West Regent St. All welcome, including UNITE members in other branches and non-members too. #Time4Change