Fracking – The Truth

Film length: 26:46 This shocking evidence from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Lancashire shows that the government and the oil & gas industry are lying about fracking. It DOES produce earthquakes, poison the water supply, […]

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Issue 37, Aug 2013

Select Download or DVD Download £5.00 GBPDVD UK £7.00 GBPDVD Europe £8.00 GBPDVD Rest of the world £9.00 GBP 1) Fracking: The Truth (Reel News,Frack Free Fylde) 26:45Fracking produces earthquakes, poisons the water supply, and […]

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LGBT Rights

Solidarity with Russian LGBT

Slideshow On Saturday over 1,000 people from the LGBT community and beyond protested in Whitehall against new anti gay laws in Russia being brought in by the government of Vladimir Putin. Many are calling for […]


Blacklisting 2013 – The Workers Strike Back

Film length: 22:28 Huge strides for the campaign against the illegal blacklistng of trade unionists over the past 18 months; the sparks victory in the BESNA dispute, the Scottish affairs select committee report, the high […]


Fracking: Balcombe blockade intensifies

Film length: 8:56 The blockade of Cuadrilla’s fracking site in Balcombe, Sussex is now permanent – and inspiring a fast growing movement as new groups start up all over the country, and the horrific process […]

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Balcombe anti-fracking protests intensify

Slideshow The battle of Balcombe is hotting up as more and more environmentalists answer the call from activists and local villagers to stop Cuadrilla from destroying the local countryside and water supply. Protesters have been […]