MASSIVE Postal workers rally and march to stop Royal Mail being destroyed

Running Time: 8mins 11 secs


An astonishing 17,500 postal workers – virtually 1 in 6 postal workers in the whole country – rallied in Parliament Square and then marched to Buckingham Palace on their thirteenth day of strike action. An historic day – and an incredible show of strength and determination to stop Royal Mail boss Simon Thompson destroying the oldest postal service in the world.

Thompson and his cronies want to get rid of the six day service, delivered by posties who really care about the comunity they deliver to, and replace it with an Amazon style gig economy set up that will only deliver three times a week, sack at least10,000 experienced and highly skilled workers and replace them with “self-employed” workers who will be on much worse pay and conditions, and ruin the unique service and support to the public that we all enjoy at the moment. The fact that Thompson has just handed over half a billion pounds to shareholders – and is still refusing a pay rise to deal with the cost of living crisis to the posties who created all that wealth – shows where the priorities of this unsavoury character lie.

Thompson and his inexperienced management team, rather than listen to his workers with vast experience in the job, is now launching attack after attack on them. Union reps and activists are being disciplined and victimised on trumped up charges, while Thompson spends his time badmouthing the union on TV – although he’s only capable of doing even that with someone feeding him answers on a chalkboard …

But today sent a clear message that the posties are not going to be intimidated. In fact all the attacks are making them stronger and stronger – and they know that a victory in saving Royal Mail will not just be a victory for them, but a victory for every worker being forced into strike action at the moment. So please donate to the strike fund and make sure they have as good a xmas as they can – they are fighting for all of us. Here’s the link again: