Tube strike: £500 million cuts as mayor breaks promises and blatantly lies

Running Time: 6 mins 6 secs

Station staff on London Underground go on strike over 600 job cuts – 20% of the workforce which will make the tube less safe, especially for women, reduce access to the tube to disabled people, and push people back into their cars – despite Mayor Sadiq Khan’s promises of a greener, safer transport system.

These cuts are the tip of an iceberg where a whopping £500 million cuts are planned after funding for Transport for London was withdrawn by the Tories. London is the only significant tube system in the world which is not subsidised, relying wholly on fares – which means fares will continue to go up.

Khan also blatantly lied about the RMT refusing to meet him, when it is him who is refusing to meet the RMT. Instead of attacking these workers who work so hard looking after the public, he should be fighting with them to get proper funding restored.