Stateless on Lesvos

Film length: 26:28

In November we visited Lesvos & Athens to report on the refugee crisis and the incredible work being done by grass roots organisations and individuals to meet it head on. Our blog from Lesvos is here.

We’ve been inundated with messages asking for information about the groups in the film and how to contact/help them. Some details:

The PIKPA camp which cares for the most vulnerable refugees arriving on Lesvos has this page.

The details about the activist run reception centre at Platonos can be found here.

Finally a crowd fund has been set up to help the work of the volunteer doctors in the Moria Camp.

There will be screenings organised around the UK this month and January with two dates confirmed in Scotland in December and more to follow in Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and London. More links to Follow.

Feature on Dissident Island Radio from 20:46

N.B. It has been drawn to our attention that some party election material is clearly visible during one of the interviews in the film. This inclusion was accidental and we wish to make it clear that all the groups we interviewed on Lesvos are independent of any political parties or similar groups.